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Pick-up and delivery is door-to-door or from Dealership, Auction house, Salvage yard in your area, in the case that residential area restrictions apply. Your vehicle is transported on one single truck, there are no transfers or terminals. This is the least expensive way to transport your vehicle. Your car will be transported on an open uncovered 8-10 double decker or 4-5 car goose neck trailer.



We understand there are a lot of stresses that go into relocating to a new city or state, and we don't want to make your car shipping turn into anymore stress than you already have. We like the idea that our door-to-door car shipping service reduces the stress that our customers are dealing with when moving.


Enclosed transport is highly recommended when shipping luxury and classic vehicles. The enclosed trailer protects the vehicle from all weather elements and provides the ultimate protection for your vehicles during shipping. Most trucks are equipped with a hydraulic lift and offer client a safe and clean environment for your baby.


As a proud member of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Licensing and Insurance System, Quality US Auto Transport can say with confidence that we pay attention to all the details and strive to ensure all your requests and needs are handled with extreme care and excellence. Being a member of the FMCSA system gives us the benefit and advantage of having a tremendous amount of data and knowledge that we then pass on to you. We do so by applying this knowledge and information into our practices as an auto transport company so as to maintain the high level of standards the federal government has developed for this industry. Additionally we can then use the data and the continually updated information into making sure we have the most up-to-date statistics, news and alerts from the FMCSA. 

Quality US Auto Transport believes in safety and believes in good business. So when you trust your vehicle transport to us, be assured that we will get your vehicle where it needs to go safely. We pride ourselves on the reputation of having not just great service and affordable rates, but a safety record that is hard to beat. We wouldn't be the company we are today without that kind of commitment. That's the kind of commitment we give to each and every one of our many customers.

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